Migration Safari to Tanzania 2013

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157-White-headed Buffalo-Weaver 5J8E7535 158-Rufous Chatterer 5J8E7546 159-Male Lions 5J8E7555 160-Impala & Baboons 5J8E7566
157-White-headed Buffalo-Weaver 5J8E7535.jpg 158-Rufous Chatterer 5J8E7546.jpg 159-Male Lions 5J8E7555.jpg 160-Impala & Baboons 5J8E7566.jpg
161-Viewing Wildlife 5J8E7569 162-Baboons 5J8E7574 163-Upside Down Tree  11U5B4192 164-Black-winged Stilt 5J8E7588
161-Viewing Wildlife 5J8E7569.jpg 162-Baboons 5J8E7574.jpg 163-Upside Down Tree 11U5B4192.jpg 164-Black-winged Stilt 5J8E7588.jpg
165-Baobab Tree 11U5B4202 166-Woodland Kingfisher 5J8E7596 167-Yellow-collared Lovebird 5J8E7608 168-Giraffe 5J8E7611
165-Baobab Tree 11U5B4202.jpg 166-Woodland Kingfisher 5J8E7596.jpg 167-Yellow-collared Lovebird 5J8E7608.jpg 168-Giraffe 5J8E7611.jpg
169-Elephant Grazing 5J8E7620 170-Cape Buffalos 5J8E7622 171-Cape Buffalos 5J8E7632 172-Elephant 5J8E7634
169-Elephant Grazing 5J8E7620.jpg 170-Cape Buffalos 5J8E7622.jpg 171-Cape Buffalos 5J8E7632.jpg 172-Elephant 5J8E7634.jpg
173-Lion & Black-backed Jackals 5J8E7640 174-Red-billed Hornbill 5J8E7661 175-Olivers Camp G11-3047 176-Olivers Cabins G11-3041
173-Lion & Black-backed Jackals 5J8E7640.jpg 174-Red-billed Hornbill 5J8E7661.jpg 175-Olivers Camp G11-3047.jpg 176-Olivers Cabins G11-3041.jpg
177-Tent Interior G11-3022 178-Tent Porch G11-3025 179-Outdoor Shower G11-3034 180-Dining Room G11-3042
177-Tent Interior G11-3022.jpg 178-Tent Porch G11-3025.jpg 179-Outdoor Shower G11-3034.jpg 180-Dining Room G11-3042.jpg
181-Bush TV G11-3046 182-Departure Lounge G11-3044 183-Guides G11-3048 184-Two Great Guides G11-3057
181-Bush TV G11-3046.jpg 182-Departure Lounge G11-3044.jpg 183-Guides G11-3048.jpg 184-Two Great Guides G11-3057.jpg
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