Costa Rica 2007

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Green-crowned Brilliant (male)-NG7A2143 Mexican Hairy Porcupine-NG7A3961 Hourglass Treefrog-NG7A3928 Green Vine Snake-11838
Green-crowned Brilliant (male)-NG7A2143.jpg Mexican Hairy Porcupine-NG7A3961.jpg Hourglass Treefrog-NG7A3928.jpg Green Vine Snake-11838.jpg
Three-toed Sloth-NG7A3997 Roadside Hawk-NG7A4050 Masked Tree Frog-NG7A4090 Long-tailed Silky-flycatcher-NG7A4254
Three-toed Sloth-NG7A3997.jpg Roadside Hawk-NG7A4050.jpg Masked Tree Frog-NG7A4090.jpg Long-tailed Silky-flycatcher-NG7A4254.jpg
Resplendent Quetzal-NG7A4330 Gladiator Tree Frog-NG7A4122 Green Violet-ear-NG7A4590jpg Resplendent Quetza-NG7A4667
Resplendent Quetzal-NG7A4330.jpg Gladiator Tree Frog-NG7A4122.jpg Green Violet-ear-NG7A4590jpg.jpg Resplendent Quetza-NG7A4667.jpg
Blue Jean Poison Dart Frog-11595 Acorn Woodpecker-NG7A4746 Bird-eating Snake-11811 11748
Blue Jean Poison Dart Frog-11595.jpg Acorn Woodpecker-NG7A4746.jpg Bird-eating Snake-11811.jpg 11748.jpg
Green and Black Poison Dart Frog-11544_JFR Mouse-11516 Tent Making Bats-11867 White-faced Capuchin-NG7A3977
Green and Black Poison Dart Frog-11544_JFR.jpg Mouse-11516.jpg Tent Making Bats-11867.jpg White-faced Capuchin-NG7A3977.jpg
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