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Don’t be afraid of flying! Now you’re prepared to avoid the worst and you’ll think safety.

What if...

Chin on Chest

  • I’d held my head with my chin on my chest, I wouldn’t have lost my helmet.
  • The headrest had been padded as they are today, I wouldn’t have been knocked out and maybe gotten out before the fire started.
  • I'd been wearing a NOMEX flight suit, gloves, or jacket, I would have egressed with less severe burns.
  • In all the thousands of hours that airplane had flown safely, the engine had quit a few seconds sooner, we could have stopped on the runway or engaged the barrier.
  • The engine had quit a few seconds later, we could have ejected.
  • The aircraft had a zero launch ejection seat like they have today, we could have ejected anytime (except in the hanger which is a little hard on the head).