Send your Best Wishes for Gen. Spruance to General Spruance

To: Brig. Gen.(Ret.) Spruance                        Date: July 27, 2002
From: Sue and Al Huetteman
Subject: Best Wishes on Dedication Ceremony

It is excellent that your experience and wisdom are now available for all of us to read and learn from. I am so grateful you shared your rare and unpredictable sense of humor in your site. It is my fondest memory of our friendship with you. You are our national treasure.

Sue and Al Huetteman

To: Brig. Gen.(ret.) Spruance                        Date: March 12, 2002
From: Bruno J. Muzzi, LtC (ret.)
Subject: Best Wishes on Dedication Ceremony

Sue and I will not be able to be with you on this special occasion of "Dedication Ceremony of Spruance Hall" at the ANG Training and Education Center.
However, we wish you and your family the best. Your safety messages were always inspirational, and very graphic. There was no way we would even think about not wearing Nomex or our seat belts when flying. You were years ahead of the civilian authorities, but you recommended that we always wear the seat belt in our cars no matter how short the drive. As you always said, " A person would be a dammed fool to run around without the seatbelt on". Sue and I both insisted from the very first day, that our children always wear their seat belts, and now they insist that their passengers also wear them.

We in the Air Guard are very fortune to have had General Spruance care enough about his people, to suffer though the very painful experience, each time he appeared on behalf of safety. His talks were really "tough love" for he certainly cared for our us and our safety.

Once again, Sue and I thank you for teaching us a life saving habit.
We wish you and your family the best!

LtC (ret.) Bruno Muzzi and
(ex) Major Sue Muzzi

To: Brig. Gen.(ret.) Spruance                        Date: March 15, 2002
From: Jack Gross
Subject: Dedication Ceremony

Dear Bill:

...My schedule is filled with making regrets, yours especially for all the reasons unnecessary to make - the years of working for our Air Force in different fields.

I've learned to my discomfort how much you dislike compliments so all I can say is I have many friends who are still with us today because of remarkably effective Spruance flight safety unique programs. And so I'm just repeating what they and past chiefs of staff have told me.

Our British friends have their own safety programs, so with them I'll say best wishes and mind the lorries.


To: Brig. Gen.(ret.) Spruance Date: March 17, 2002
From: Louisa S. Morse
Subject: Best Wishes

I regret that I will be unable to attend the dedication of Spruance Hall and the reception in honor of my brother.

I am familiar with his outstanding work and I am extremely proud of him.

At the age of 89 I am sorry that my travels are necessarily restricted.


Louisa S. Morse
(Mrs. Albert W. Morse Jr.)

To: Brigadier General William W. Spruance                        Date: March 20, 2002
From: Jeff Grenier, Southwest Airlines Co.
Subject: Dedication Ceremony

Dear General Spruance:

I regret I am unable to attend the dedication for Spruance Hall. This Honor is a justified validation of your service to your country in the military and your service to the aviation community through your safety briefings and continued active participation.

I congratulate you, and wish you all the best. I look forward to seeing you at the next ERAU CASE meeting.

Jeff Grenier
Manager Flight Safety Response, Southwest Airlines Co.

To: Brig. Gen.(ret.) Spruance                        Date: March 21, 2002
From: Dan Izard
Subject: Dedication Ceremony

General Spruance:

I am impressed that they are naming yet another building after you. I have such fond memories of the many activities that we jointly participated in at the "old" Spruance Hall at Embry-Riddle, that I am truly disappointed to be unable to join your celebration of the dedication of the "new" Spruance Hall at McGhee Tyson. Your lifelong dedication to safety and the terrific drive that you have always applied to your vision have been an inspiration to me and countless others. I am deeply grateful for the support and leadership that you have provided ERAU and have enjoyed our acquaintance as we have worked together to guide that institution. Diane joins me in sending our best wishes on this very special occasion.


Dan Izard

To: Brig. Gen. (ret.) William W. Spruance Date: March 22, 2002
From: Thomas W. Staed
Subject: Best Wishes

Dear Bill:

Just a quick note to congratulate you on the dedication of Spruance Hall, Bldg. 416, at the McGhee Tyson ANGB Training and Education Center. It's a wonderful honor, and certainly well deserved. Unfortunately, due to prior commitments, I won't be able to join you on the momentous day.

It's been a pleasure serving with you on the Embry-Riddle Board of Trustees over the years. You've done an outstanding job in aviation safety and are certainly to be commended.

Best wishes as you receive this wonderful tribute to your career.


Thomas W. Staed

To: Brigadier General (ret.) William W. Spruance Date: March 23, 2002
From: Brigadier General (ret.) Hugh P. Goettel
Subject: Best Wishes

Dear General Spruance

I trust that the thirteenth of April will be a wonderful day for you and Eunice, with the dedication of Spruance Hall at McGhee Tyson ANGB. Your personal dedication to the Air National Guard and to the Air Force have been an inspiration to those of us who served under you in the Delaware Air National Guard.

The Air National Guard today is better equipped to perform it's military mission as a result of your persistence in working readiness issues. Your safety lectures have saved lives. The dedication of Spruance Hall at McGhee Tyson ANGB, the center of ANG training, seems only fitting.



Phil Goettel

To: Brig. Gen.(ret.) Spruance                        Date: March 26, 2002
From: Dave Cummock
Subject: Best Wishes

Dear Bill
Unfortunately, Marge and I will not be able to attend the ceremonies on April 13th; however, we certainly congratulate you on the dedication of yet another building in your honor.

Your life is one of patriotism, generosity and service. Jimmy Doolittle said "I have a very simple philosophy of life, I believe that we were put on this earth for a purpose and that purpose is to make it: within our capabilities, a better place in which to live." You have done and are continuing to do that. Very few people have the courage of their convictions that you demonstrate on a regular basis.

Congratulations. Our best to Eunice.

Dave and Marge Cummock

To: Brig. Gen.(ret.) Spruance                        Date: March 26, 2002
From: Jim Anderson
Subject: Dedication Ceremony

Dear General Spruance,

Unfortunately I am unable to attend the dedication ceremony, but I want to pass along my hearty congratulations for the new Spruance hall at McGhee Tyson ANGB.

It has been my pleasure to work with you over the years on the Embry-Riddle CASE Advisory Council. In that venue I have witnessed the sustained enthusiasm and drive that exemplifies your passion for safety. You have made invaluable contributions to the industry, and as a result you have earned sincere respect and appreciation from your many colleagues and friends within the aviation community.

In terms of safety, it has been my experience that when you speak, people listen. Your influence has been considerable, and the hard work and unyielding dedication has undeniably led to a higher level of safety in today’s skies. You truly have made a difference, and the industry recognizes and appreciates it.

Again I apologize for not being able to be there, but I wish you and your family the best on this important day of celebration and dedication.

Warmest regards,

Jim Anderson
Delta Air Lines (retired)

To: Brig. Gen.(ret.) Spruance                        Date: March 28, 2002
From: Gary R. Broadbent, National Guard Program Manager, Military Affairs, USAA
Subject: Congratulations

General Spruance

I apologize for not being able to attend the dedication ceremony. Your life and dedication to our nation has not gone unnoticed as evidenced by this great honor bestowed upon you by the men and women of the ANG. I've personally admired your continuous involvement not only in words but in deeds performed.

Congratulations and good health to you.

God bless.

Gary R. Broadbent
National Guard Program Manager
Military Affairs, USAA

To: Brig. Gen.(ret.) Spruance Date: March 28, 2002
From: Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Office of Development
Subject: Best Wishes

Thank you for the invitation to attend the dedication ceremony of Spruance Hall. I have had the honor and pleasure of knowing Gen. Spruance for over 28 years.

Gen. Spruance's involvement with Embry-Riddle dates back to the early 1960's when his son enrolled as a student. The President of the University at that time was Mr. Jack R. Hunt, and the University was an institute with approximately 500 students. Mr. Hunt recognized in General Spruance the expertise, the passion, and the commitment to aviation, and he invited the General to become a member of the Board of Trustees. In 1972 General Spruance became the Chairman.

In the early 1970's the University applied for ROTC status and was denied. Gen. Spruance, seeing the future of the University, worked hard to get a commitment from the Air Force to create a detachment in Daytona. Without the support of Gen. Spruance there would be no ROTC detachment. Gen. Spruance again in 1978 worked to establish an ROTC program at Prescott. Today only the Air Force Academy produces more pilots than Embry-Riddle.

Gen. Spruance profoundly affected the safety program for both the Air Force ROTC program and our flight program. I have personally witnessed Gen. Spruance deliver his safety lecture, and I would often look around at the student reaction to his film - ha had those students spellbound. No student in the past 40 years could have graduated from the ROTC program without knowing about Gen. Spruance.

His dedication to his country, the USAF, and Embry-Riddle is evidenced by his commitment of time, influence, and personal resources. Embry-Riddle is grateful and proud to have had a longstanding relationship with Gen. Spruance.


Robert L. Rockett, Dean
Development Director

To: Brig. Gen.(ret.) Spruance                        Date: March 28, 2002
From: Dr. Leon Flancher
Subject: Best Wishes

General, on behalf of the Extended Campus of Embry-Riddle, may I extend to you and your family our very best wishes on the occasion of the dedication of Spruance Hall, Bldg. 416, at McGhee Tyson ANGB, Tennessee.

Your support of aviation education and untiring efforts toward improving safety and safety concerns throughout the military and civilian worlds will long be appreciated and never forgotten.


Dr. Leon Flancher
Chancellor, Extended Campus
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

To: Brig. Gen.(ret.) Spruance Date: Tuesday, April 02, 2002
From: Salas, Andrew
Subject: Best Wishes

General Spruance was a mentor to me as a company grade officer, encouraging my involvement in the Guard's professional organization - the National Guard Association of the United States. As a result of his encouragement I served as the first-ever company-grade officer to sit on the NGAUS executive council and have continued to serve as the Area 6 Air Guard Representative since then. He is an inspiration to me with his unrelenting support for the citizen-soldier's role in America's unfolding destiny, and I appreciate him beyond what words can describe.

Lt Col Andrew E. Salas
NM National Guard

To: Brig. Gen.(ret.) Spruance                        Date: April 3, 2002
From: Bill Sparks
Subject: Dedication of Spruance Hall

General Spruance:

I would like to extend my most sincere congratulations on the occasion of the dedication of Spruance Hall at the I.G. Brown ANG Training and Education Center. This very well deserved honor is a tribute to your dedication to safety and the many years of outstanding service you have provided to the ANG.

You have favorably influenced countless people, both military and civilian. While I am well aware of your truly superb record in the area of safety education, I am naturally very attuned to your splendid service as Chairman Emeritus of the Embry-Riddle Board of Trustees, and your most impressive and generous record with the Air Force Association and Aerospace Education Foundation.

No one can match your support of AFROTC cadets, and a large number of young people owe you a debt of gratitude for the moral and financial assistance you provided, as well as the enhanced safety awareness you created. Our great nation is truly blessed to have such a strong supporter of national defense and the value airpower serves in meeting our national security interests.

I will always treasure my association with you, and I feel extremely privileged to have worked so closely with you over the years. While I am unable to be present to personally witness the dedication ceremony, please rest assured that I am there in spirit and with great admiration. You have my enduring respect.

Please give my best to Eunice and other members of your family.

Most sincerely,

Bill Sparks

To: Brig. Gen.(ret.) Spruance and Friends of Bill                        Date: April 4, 2002
From: John A. Shaud
Subject: Best Wishes

On the occasion of dedicating Spruance Hall, I. G. Brown ANG Training and Education Center

Like many pilots over the last 50 years, I had the benefit of Bill Spruance's wisdom on flying safety. More recently, I have had the benefit of his wisdom on other matters as well. When I became the executive director of the Air Force Association in 1995, I - like every other AFA executive director before me - instantly gained 162 pounds in weight. That's because I have had Bill Spruance on my back for the past seven years.

Bill was a long time national director of AFA, now emeritus, and we still hear from him with great regularity. He is most generous with his time, his financial support and his opinions. Especially the opinions. AFA and its affiliate, the Aerospace Education Foundation, intersect with three of Bill Spruance's passions: a strong national defense, the Air National Guard and aerospace education.

It always is amazing to me that after working with us he could possibly have time left over for others, but he does. A former top official in the Air National Guard once told me that he can always tell when Bill has his attention turned to AFA because on those days he himself feels 162 pounds lighter. I'm sure the Air National Guard would agree that his sound advice, based on long experience, and the support we get from Bill Spruance more than offset his weight, and if we had 10 more like him on our backs, we'd all be better off for it.

Bill Spruance is a great leader, a great airman and a great friend. He has been making his influence felt in various and important ways, at least since 1941, when he was a lieutenant at Fort Benning, where he pioneered the concept of forward air control with a colleague named George S. Patton.

Best wishes to all present on this day of dedication.

John A. Shaud
Executive Director, Air Force Association


John T. Correll
Editor, Air Force Magazine

To: Brig. Gen.(ret.) Spruance Date: April 5, 2002
From: United States Mission to the International Civil Aviation Organization
Montreal, Quebec, Canada H3C 5J9
Subject: Best Wishes

Dear Bill,

Congratulations on another Spruance Hall. It is a most fitting tribute to have a building named after you at the Training and Education Center. Your impact on aviation safety has been monumental. The dedication and enthusiasm that you have shown in carrying a critical message to all corners of this country is unparalleled.

Personally, I will always be appreciative of the opportunity to have followed you as Chairman of the Board of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. You put me through a solid training course and kept giving me lessons the entire time I was Chairman.

I will be thinking about you and look forward to seeing you and Eunice in the near future.


Edward W. Stimpson

To: Brig. Gen.(ret.) Spruance Date: April 5, 2002
From: Col. (ret.) James D. Weaver
Subject: Best Wishes

Dear General Spruance,

You are doing a good job for your flying colleagues and your country. The example of turning misfortune into a positive program for the improvement of burn care has not only been a military success but is also recognized in civilian programs across the country. Your leadership has also extended to other National Guard programs, this is recognized by your friends and partners in the military service of the U.S.A. Enlightened leadership, tempered by controlled crankiness and friendships, has been a great credit to the I.G. Brown ANG Training and Education Center. All of us who have worked with you over the years respect your dedication, your friendship, and the positive influence you have made for the military service and our nation.

God Bless you and your wife.


Jim Weaver

To: Brig. Gen.(ret.) Spruance Date: April 5, 2002
From: Col. (ret.) Frank Easley
Subject: Best Wishes

Dear Bill:

Congratulations on the honor of your building. It could not happen to a more school supportive guy than you. Your loyalty to our friend General I.G. Brown, before and since his death, is unparalleled; your tenacity in keeping his name as the founder of the PMEC [now the Training and Education Center] is appreciated. Together, the I.G. Brown PMEC and Spruance Hall will go far to educate future Air National Guard personnel.

Thank-you for all of us.


To: Brigadier General William W. Spruance Date: Monday April 8, 2002
From: Jay Adams
Subject: Best Wishes

Dear Bill:

Just a quick note to congratulate you on having building 416 at the McGhee Tyson facility renamed in your honor as Spruance Hall.

Certainly your outstanding career with the Air National Guard and in aviation safety make this a fitting tribute to a lifetime of hard work.

Best wishes for your continuing success.

Jay Adams
Executive Vice President (Brown & Brown, Inc.)

To: Brig. Gen.(ret.) Spruance Date: April 9, 2002
From: Brig. Gen. R. Skowron
Subject: Best Wishes

Dear Bill -

Just got back to New Hampshire and got this wonderful invite honoring you with "Spruance Hall" at McGhee Tyson; what a great and well-deserved honor it is.

After that horrible aircraft accident in your youth, you transformed your life into a National Guard (Air) dedication for flying safety - and what a life-time job you did. Thanks again, not only did you make our Delaware Air National Guard a great place, but you influenced a lot of men and women in a proper life long direction - including me. Largely because of you, I became involved with NGAUS actively - to the legion "de Lafayette", Thanks to people like you. I too love the Guard as much as ever; I have made life-long memories and friends - even better than my medical career.

Bill, I could go on endlessly like this, but it all boils down to Thanks a Million --- I am honored and privileged to know your well deserved accolades - Hope to see you again soon - wish you the very best.


Ralph Skowron

To: Brig. Gen.(ret.) Spruance                        Date: April 9, 2002
From: Jeffrey Ledewitz
Subject: Best Wishes

Hope this note finds you and the family in good health.

While Lisa and I are unable to attend the Dedication Ceremony of Spruance Hall, Bldg 416, you should be proud that others recognize the importance of your safety briefings. You have impacted many people by raising their awareness of the importance of safety. On a personal note, when my daughter, Jennifer, was about 5 years old I taught her to always buckle up when riding in a car. She followed that advice from that day forward and even today at the age of 28, she will not start her car until everyone has buckled up. That's just one small example of the impact you have had. I can't imagine the true number who have had similar experiences as a result of your safety emphasis. Congratulations.

To: Brig. Gen.(ret.) Spruance Date: April 9, 2002
From: Ed Philbin
Subject: Best Wishes

General Spruance, by example, has taught me the value of courage, both the physical and the moral. Unlike many others who have suffered serious injury, General Spruance never spent any effort asking "why me?" Instead, as soon as he was able he asked, "How can I help?" For decades he has presented aviation safety lectures to flying units of the Air Guard, the Air Force Reserve and the Active Duty Air Force. His flame resistant Nomex flight suits and gloves have saved untold numbers of flight crews from painful debilitating injuries over the years. All of General Spruance's efforts on behalf of the aviation community has been done without him losing his warped sense of humor and "take no prisoners" presentations in meetings.

I value General Spruance as a trusted colleague and friend, a man I respect and admire. I regret I cannot be present on the 13th to personally honor General Spruance at the dedication ceremony.

Ed Philbin
Major General, USAF (Ret.)

To: Brig. Gen.(ret.) Spruance Date: April 9, 2002
From: George H. Ebbs, Jr.
Subject: Best Wishes

Congratulations and best wishes on the dedication of Spruance Hall, Bldg. 416 at McGhee Tyson ANGB in Tennessee. I am sure that when the first Spruance Hall was dedicated in 1987 at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University it embodied all the excitement of a university on the move - leading the world in aviation and aerospace education. Now, again, we have the opportunity to congratulate you for your many educational contributions. This time at the I.G. Brown ANG Training and Education Center.

The establishment of the Air Force ROTC program on the Embry-Riddle campus could not have come about without your help. We all appreciate your tremendous support and certainly you have been instrumental in the success of our AFROTC programs at both residential campuses. As testimony to the success of this program, to date, the USAF remains the number one employer of ERAU graduates, and the Air National Guard one of our largest post-graduate "detachments."

General, your personal contributions made in aviation safety, aerospace education and military science should fill you with lasting pride. You have earned the highest admiration, respect and affection of the University family.

As yet another Spruance Hall is dedicated, I send my sincerest best wishes and warmest personal regards.

George H. Ebbs, Jr.
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

To: Brig. Gen.(ret.) Spruance Date: April 11, 2002
From: John Warden
Subject: Best Wishes

Dear Bill,

You have done so much for our Nation, our Air Force, and for all of us flyers. "Spruance Hall" will serve as a reminder to generations of Active, Reserve, and Guard personnel of the true meaning of "Duty, Honor, Country"--and Courage. Thanks, Bill--and congratulations!

John Warden

To: Brig. Gen.(ret.) Spruance Date: April 12, 2002
From: Cathy Hambleton
Subject: Best Wishes


BGen Spruance & family,
Ciao from over the pond. Yes, I am in Italy doing TDY as a staff NATO Air Operations Officer. I hope this note finds you and your wife in good health and happy spirits.

I am deeply torn at missing the dedication ceremony. It has been a few years since I have returned to flying the KC 135 after my horse riding accident. My renewed career in aviation, both the airlines and the Guard, would not have occurred without you and your belief in my attitude to return to fly. In the last year, I have flown and deployed to support Operation Noble Eagle and Enduring Freedom, then I volunteered for a tour at the ANG Readiness Center, to work the Tanker cell of the Crisis Action Team and from there departed to gain wisdom in the NATO world. All of these tours have been extremely challenging, but I have learned many things by this. Here in AIRSOUTH, Naples, I am covering Balkans Airspace issues, everything from Search and rescue to airfield management. My current tour experiences have allowed me to travel throughout the Balkans area and observe many new things. I work with a USAF helicopter pilot (Lt Col Alvarez) who has one leg, he gives me such motivation. We make a good team. Next week we deploy to Hungary to evaluate Air transport operations. I would never have anticipated a TDY to observe their operations. My ANG patch is getting lots of strange looks.

I am excited to return to the USA, and make some career decisions. I am considering a new airframe, as the Navigators are phased out of the KC135. The Guard and the KC135 are in my blood, it will be difficult to make a change, but maybe I can find the C130 mission as rewarding.

General please take care and keep me posted if you find time. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Cathy Hambleton, Major, KS ANG

To: Brig. Gen.(ret.) Spruance Date: April 12, 2002
From: Donald Hunt
Subject: Dedication Ceremony of Spruance Hall


Brigadier General Spruance

As an associate professor, who has listened to your safety presentations to students on many occasions, I can confidently and honestly tell you the students have enjoyed and benefited from your insight and experience, as related through your presentations.

Having worked with you as a member of the Center for Aerospace Safety Education (CASE) for the last fourteen years, I know of no one at this University who has had as much concern for our students and the safety of our students as you have had.

As a retired Naval Officer I have long recognized the name of Spruance, Admiral Spruance and what he meant to the United States Navy. After our association of fourteen years, I now know Brigadier General William W. Spruance and what he has meant to the United States Air Force, the Air National Guard, & Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

Proud to be your Friend

Don Hunt, Captain U.S.N. (Ret)

To: Brig. Gen.(ret.) Spruance Date: May 02, 2002
From: Barbara Silcox and Tom Styer
Subject: Best Wishes


My companion and I were privileged to be in the audience at the Marathon Airport this evening, where Retired USAF General Spruance was the speaker at our monthly EAA meeting. We are both pilots, with thirty plus years of flying each. His photos, advice, humor and charm held the group for over an hour. People wanted to hear even more, so they remained well after the meeting was officially over. We have had three in-flight engine failures in our B55 Baron, two of them on take-off. We had been attending the Bonanza Safety refresher course over the years, but never experienced such a gripping presentation. We have also experienced smoke in the cockpit that really got our attention. We now carry smoke hoods with us whenever we travel in any type of vehicle, wherever we go. It is a pleasure to listen to his jokes, even though I'm sure he has told them many times. The nicest surprise of all was that he lives in Marathon! We hope he will be able to keep on giving his lectures for many years to many more people.

Barbara Silcox and Tom Styer.

To: Brig. Gen. Spruance                        Date: September 1, 2002
From: Colonel William E. Hopewell
Subject: Best Wishes on Dedication Ceremony

I personally want to thank you for all the investments you made in our cadets at Det. 028 and the support you have given me. Your contributions are greatly appreciated. Through your efforts, cadets experienced the AFA National Convention, met the senior leadership of the USAF and ERAU, and received scholarships. This paid big dividends in retaining and motivating our cadets. As a result, you have made us the strongest program in the nation and #1 in producing 2LTs for AFROTC.

The last three years has been a very rewarding experience. Again, many thanks for your support and investment in our future AF leaders.

Very Respectfully
Bill Hopewell
Commander AFROTC Det 028

To: BG William W. Spruance                        Date: September 7, 2002
From: S. Harry Robertson
Subject: Congratulations

Bill, "Wild Willie":

Having known you and worked with you for over 30 years, I can say,
without any reservation, that you are one of the most dedicated
individuals in aviation safety I have ever known.

Preachers of safety are often looked upon as pains in the posterior,
because they are filled with reasons why you can't do things. Your
efforts have always been quite different. First, you speak from
experience; secondly, you speak from the heart; and lastly, you have
always recognized that men and women are going to fly and are going to
ride in cars, so you have accepted it and offered ways to do it safely.

You are always positive in your efforts. The outstanding acceptance of
your teachings is clear proof that your dedication and devotion to
safety is most worthwhile and a definite tribute to you.

I extend my heartfelt appreciation to you and what you stand for. God
bless you. I wish we had more like you!

Your friend and admirer forever,

S. Harry Robertson

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